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It's Time for Superheroes & Supersheroes

Are you wondering – what’s with that Pure Protective Superchild?  It’s a fair question – we admit she isn’t your average mask and face shield logo.  She might even seem a little weird.  And while in our real lives, we are more “mild-mannered reporter” than “save the world super-people” … here’s a glimpse into how we think …

… We all have a superpower, but the last several months have caused many of us to set aside “superpower” and settle for “survival”.  It is time to reclaim our superpowers.

… Pure Protective Superchild is standing in the now and looking to the future.  We’ve faced a lot of challenges in the now.  It is time to focus our sights on the good we want in our future.

… Super-heroes and Super-sheroes never give up, no matter how many times the villain comes back to thwart them.  It is time to be resilient.

… Pure Protective Superchild is at the beach.  The beach is our happy place … yours might be in the mountains, at dinner with friends, camping, at a football game, in school, at the opera, seeing a band … the list goes on.  It is time to experience your happy place (even if it is still a virtual visit).

We might be a little weird at Pure Protective – but with that weirdness comes a deep caring for people and a desire to help people be happy.  Our masks, face shields and sneeze guards are designed to help you do all the “super” things you are ready to do … safely.  It’s time.

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